These selections encompass a variety of tastes with striking colors from various gemstones to really accentuate their beauty. No special occasion required.

Coiled Beaded Earrings

A pair of coiled beaded earrings made with copper wire with sterling silver beads and Sterling silver ear wires. They measure approximately 3″ long.

Price: $32.50

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Mother of Pearl Oval Bead Earrings

Sterling silver wire and sterling faceted beads and length from the earlobe 3 1/4″ long and are very light, measuring 3.25″ long

Price: $38.95

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Gold-Filled Wire with Glass Beads

Measuring 2″ long

Price: $25.00

Carnelian Earrings

Round donut is the size of a half dollar, 2″ long

Price: $35.00

Copper and Silver with Beads

Made of coiled copper and Sterling wire covered with beads, measuring 4″ long

Price: $27.50

Silver with Pink Swarovski Crystals

Made of Coiled Argentium silver with pale pink Swarovski crystals.

Price: $34.50

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