Pear-shaped Pendant with Orange Pear-shaped CZ Stones

The pear-shaped orange CZ stones on this pendant bring a bright pop of colour to the piece and ensure it will stand out when worn. The shape of the pendant itself is unique with the oblong middle section and rounded bottom portion to finish it off. The pendant itself measures approx. 2 inches in length and weighs approx. 26.20 grams.

Precious Metal Clay, or PMC, is soft and pliable and can be shaped and formed with your fingers and simple tools, many of which you probably all ready have on hand.

After air-drying, the objects - pendants, earrings etc - are heated to temperatures approaching the melting point of the metal where the metal particles fuse together and the clay-like binder burns off to make a dense, fully metallic object - Precious Metal. Fired PMC work can be polished with a burnisher or in a tumbler, soldered, enameled, and in many other ways treated just like any other silver item.

This method of jewelry-making uses fine silver which is a more expensive material and so these pieces are priced by weight (grams).

Price: $183.40

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